Securing Database

You are the IT Manager for a medium-sized company located in Seattle, WA. Your company database server running Microsoft Azure database has been compromised recently and your CIO has tasked you with making a presentation to the company executives to answer the following: 1. How can you set up the database to be more secure? […]

Understanding psychosocial aging

Understanding psychosocial aging requires attention to the individual’s needs rather than treating all older adults the same. One method focuses on the relation between the person and the environment. The competence-environmental press approach is a good example of a theory incorporating elements of the biopsychosocial model into the personal environment relationship(Lawto et. al,). The Prompt […]

Case Study

You are the new data architect (and database administrator) for Southampton Hospital. The hospital’s data center was constructed in the late 1990s and has only received incremental updates to its hardware and software. Your objective is to create an executive summary (minimum of two pages, single spaced – no maximum page length) that outlines your […]

Criminal Justice Reflection Paper

Project Details: The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on an important issue in criminal justice, social justice, or criminology. While throughout this course we emphasize research methodology, many research topics and lines are informed by surrounding issues and the broader context in American society. This assignment is meant to provide you […]

Discovery Motion

Please review “Discovery Motions” on pp. 406 ff. in Chapter 10. Assume that Plaintiff did not respond to Defendant’s Discovery request that you prepared for the previous assignment. (Defendant’s Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents).Prepare a Notice of Motion to Compel Discovery & Motion to Compel Discovery. In addition to the examples on pages […]