iruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms

 Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 4 in the text, watch the Technology in 10: Malware, Viruses, Worms, and More (Links to an external site.) video, and review the Cisco What Is the Difference: Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, and Bots? (Links to an external site.) article. Computer viruses are considered to be the […]

Module Two – Milestone One

Milestone One: Draft of Overview and Societal Perception In Module Two, you will submit a 3- to 4-page draft of the Overview and Societal Perception portions of the report. Address all critical elements from Section I and II above in this draft. Select and summarize an event or incident and describe the challenges the sport […]


In the Ancient Greek world (the world of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, often regarded as the birthplace of philosophy) a “symposium” was a banquet held after a meal, an “after party” of sorts that usually included drinking, dancing, recitals, and engaging conversations on the topics of the day. For our purposes in this course, the […]

Examine the role of politics

Examine the role of politics in successful municipal solid waste programs. Explore the role of leadership for successful municipal solid waste programs. Analyze financial costs of municipal solid waste management on human populations.

the properties of sound waves and that they require a medium to travel

In this week, we discussed about the properties of sound waves and that they require a medium to travel. Movies, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, show space as deadly silent. On the other hand, Star Wars movies present booming sound effects in spcae. For the discussion this week, you will share your perspectives about movie(s) […]


APA Paper:  Research and discuss 2 mobile apps that you find useful in your own personal or professional lives. Discuss the functionality and usefulness along with any improvements that you would recommend. The paper must be 2 pages (at least 500 words) and add the APA Title Page and References page (4 pages total). Use […]

Java Chat

Modern computing systems play a neat magic trick; they manage to run dozens of software seemingly simultaneously on your desktop. Underneath the hood, each process is being shuffled in and out of the processor at lightning speed, giving us the illusion of parallel operations. A Java Thread is a programming technique that allows us to […]

Finance, Risk, And Cost

 You are an associate director in a 300-bed hospital located in an urban area. For the purposes of your presentation, the location will be the closest city to your current residence (this may be your city of residence). Please use Oakland, CA.  A sum of money is available for investment in the facility. You have […]

NSG 500 Discussion 7

Choose a pediatric, adult, or older adult age population and a diagnosis that you have the least knowledge that presents as an acute abdomen. Using the textbook and an additional scholarly reference, identify the diagnosis, discuss the subjective and objective data, and any specific physical examination techniques or diagnostic studies that are pathognomonic for this condition. Post […]

Role Of CEO In Sustainability-MBA

Discuss the role of the CEO in sustainability efforts and reporting. Does sustainability reporting provide useful information for CEO’s strategic decisions? Is it possible to promote sustainability efforts in an organization if the CEO is opposed? How does the size of the organization impact these efforts?  Example Answers(Take as reference dont copy Paste) Example 1:  CEO’s […]