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Corporation Considerations and Statutes

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Corporation Considerations and Statutes
This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

Examine major forms of business organization and the rules that govern those.
Discuss steps necessary to establish a nonprofit corporation.
Demonstrate an understanding of state corporation statues by creating a hypothetical corporation.

Assignment Overview
This writing assignment examines the legal formation of a corporation in your state.

Completed documents (12 point font) required for incorporation, including the articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder agreement, and minutes of the organizational meeting

Assignment Details
Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Create a hypothetical corporation and research incorporation requirements and forms for your state.

Step 2: Prepare the documents required for incorporation.
Using the forms provided, prepare the Articles of Incorporation and the CL-1 form for a for-profit corporation. Visit the website for the South Carolina Secretary of State at <link is hidden> and review the various information provided.

Step 3: Save and submit your assignment.
Use a word processor (like MS Word) to write your articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder agreement, and the minutes of your organizational meeting.

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Title: Corporation Considerations and Statutes

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