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Answer the following questions

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Answer the following questions:
• How was this reading significant to me?
 How did I feel as I read? What emotions did the reading evoke?
• What memories, images, and thoughts came to mind as I read?
 Are there personal experiences that are evoked?
• What is the impact of this reading/discussion consistent or inconsistent with my core beliefs? As a person? As a social worker?
• How will this reading/discussion impact my practice as a social worker/person?
 Direct practice, activism, personal growth
• Writing/Submitting the Reflection
• Integrate the reading with your personal experiences.
• Note what about the article triggered your personal reflection, for example, a passage, the author’s conclusions in a research article, or something you disagree with about the article.
• Use APA Style to cite the article(s) or other sources.

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Title: Answer the following questions

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