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SOC 350 FINAL EXAM, Fall, 2022

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State the questions in BOLDFACE print. Skip all headlines and immediately just start answering the questions. Include at LEAST FIFTEEN (15) SENTENCES for EACH question (question 1, question 2, etc.). Cite your evidence, using APA format. (That means you cite page, author, title of article or book, publication year and publication location at the end of each paragraph. Be sure to also include a Bibliography at the end. When your opinion is requested, cite evidence to substantiate your claims. Ensure that your evidence is credible in all answers. Your opinions are valued in this final exam. I ask that you ponder great social issues (civil rights, policing, climate crisis, poverty, war, and other political issues) and apply sociological theories we have studied in this course.There are FIVE questions (with sub questions) in this final exam. SOC 350 FINAL EXAM, Fall, 2022
Explain Will Grant’s four levels of action. Apply them to ONE social issue of your choice. How feasible is Grant’s logic regarding action?
Examine the music of Jimmy Cliff, a Jamaican musician. Listen to Cliff’s version of “I can see clearly now”, a song written by Johnny Nash, that can be found on How do you feel when you hear his version of this song? Apply this song to an aspect of social change. Does music have the power to impact social change? Explain.
Thorstein Veblen, an American economist, wrote about the theory of the leisure class. He coined the term “conspicuous consumption”. Define “conspicuous consumption”. Apply the definition to social change in America today. Do you think that we need to change our patterns of consumption? Explain.

Parsons and Merton discuss the “structural-factor theory”. How does this theory relate to SOCIAL CHANGE?

Cite one area of SOCIAL CHANGE that YOU believe is crucial in the years ahead. How will YOU play a role in that change? Apply at least TWO sociological theories that you studied in this course that you feel are vital to positive social change in the world.

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Title: SOC 350 FINAL EXAM, Fall, 2022

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