Plan Draft

This week you are developing your plan to relate the meaning behind the concept of modeling compassion as an element of existing in the human collective, and in answer to the following question: Q: How does compassion help perpetuate a thoughtful, interconnected collective in which humans care for one another, protect the planet’s biodiversity, and […]

climate change

What do you propose a sociology of climate change should address? Drawing from the last two weeks of readings, offer one sociological interpretation/hypothesis each for climate change’s causes, impacts, and responses. The classical sociologists wrote more than 100 years before climate change was recognized; in your opinion, which one(s) offer frameworks that illuminate people’s macro […]

ethnic/racial groups covered during the semester

In this final assignment students will read a scholarly and academic text that focuses on any of the ethnic/racial groups covered during the semester. The book can focus on any time period or theme as long as it is associated with course themes. Most acceptable texts will be published by a university publishing company such […]


1. Based on the articles you read about neuroscience, what methods do researchers use in their studies to measure activity in the brain? Give an example from one of the articles. What did you learn that you didn’t know before reading the articles? What activity do some scientists consider to be as dangerous as texting […]