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ethnic/racial groups covered during the semester

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In this final assignment students will read a scholarly and academic text that focuses on any of the ethnic/racial groups covered during the semester. The book can focus on any time period or theme as long as it is associated with course themes. Most acceptable texts will be published by a university publishing company such as University of Chicago Press, NYU Press, UC Press, University of Indiana Press, etc. Novels cannot be reviewed, but some scholarly biographies are acceptable. I have selected and included the book to be used for this outline.

In addition to reading and reviewing your main text, you need to have 2 additional sources used in your paper for a total of 3 cited sources. You may use articles/chapters from the class that inform or relate to your chosen book but NOT the PowerPoint lectures. It is suggested that you look on the CSUS Library website to see if your book has any scholarly or newspaper reviews. Amazon, blog, or Goodreads reviews do not qualify as a source.

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Title: ethnic/racial groups covered during the semester

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