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Plan Draft

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This week you are developing your plan to relate the meaning behind the concept of modeling compassion as an element of existing in the human collective, and in answer to the following question:

Q: How does compassion help perpetuate a thoughtful, interconnected collective in which humans care for one another, protect the planet’s biodiversity, and ultimately save our Earth home?

*A plan is defined as the following for our purposes in this course:

Plan—a design, a proposal; an organized (and usually detailed) proposal according to which something is to be done; a scheme of action; a strategy; a program, schedule. –Oxford English Dictionary

Review what we discussed in Week #1 below:

Share your thoughts about an idea in the short film that interested you. Make it something around which you might like to develop a plan. Why does this particular idea interest you?

Us. The Spark.

Spend time with the content below. This is all about the BIG questions.

A Radical Vision for the Future

Plan Assignment Parameters

1. Write a draft of your plan this week.

2. Your draft should be about 1,000 words in length.

3. Your draft must be well-written.

4. Stick to creating a plan (as defined above), versus pressing a lot of disparate ideas into service. Feel free to spend time writing about the “WHY.” In other words, why does your plan answer the question posed above? And, how?

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Title: Plan Draft

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