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 Strategy Analysis

The company is: Gap Inc. Must be 2 1/2 – 3 pages. 1.  Strategy Analysis – A.  Five forces analysis B.  SWOT analysis C.  Cost leadership

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Answer the following questions using concepts and lessons from class.  The use of outside scholarly resources (articles, books, etc) will be rewarded but is not

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Make sure your post is 300 words minimum for discussion and give 2 responses for each discussion with 150 words. Use the proper APA format

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Mind Body Soul

Spend time watching television or looking at print ads. Look at the notions of whiteness, ethnicity, maleness, femaleness, as well as cultural, economic, and physical

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Keto diet

Keto diet Name of diet and purpose Key nutritional points Diet’s strengthen and weaknesses Healthy diet evaluation – compared to dietary guidelines

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